right now on the farm…..

…. it’s 0330 (3:30 am) and I cannot sleep.

I was so looking forward to sleeping in the cooler weather but the wind is keeping me awake.

I can hear it whipping around the house, tinkling our one and only wind chime, blowing the trees, picking at my nerves and keeping me awake.



Update~ 0442 (4:42 am)

Wind still blowing out of the north.

Finished my book.

Read all my favorite cooking/ gardening/ homesteading blogs.

Cleaned my bathroom (quietly so as to not wake up the household).

Had a sip of wine.

Pretty tired now.

I guess I’m ready for sleep.

PS here are a couple of nice pics to help us snuggle down into our beds and lull us to sleep.







G’ night, all.

Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

2 thoughts on “right now on the farm…..

  1. “Good Morning” Elizabeth! Last week I couldn’t sleep, so at about 1 p.m. I was quietly doing all the dishes that had gotten left for morning. .It has been so hot! Yesterday was 108 and we voiced that winter sounded good. We couldn’t believe we said that. Looking at your pictures was so soothing. We feel so sorry for all the livestock. Also all the people that have to work out in this. It’s a hard time for all the fire-fighters. That’s what my husband Tom did for over 30 years. Fight forest fires. We hear bombers and choppers busy in the air. We have quite a bit of smoke during the middle of the day. The garden is doing great. The melons love the heat. Get to spend 4 days with our daughter and family. Their schools are starting next week-end, that is early for them. Don’t work to0 hard and have a great week-end.

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  2. Oh my! School already? One of my sisters teaches in Texas and they start next week as well. I remember feeling really sorry for myself when we had to start school so early. But~ getting off in May was wonderful!
    The kids here don’t start for another 3 weeks or so. It looks like we might have broken our heat wave. The long term forecast shows mostly highs in the upper 80’s. But still no rain.
    One of my brothers is a firefighter in Lubbock, Texas. I haven’t spoken to him since the heat wave began but I think they are receiving a lot of rain there this summer.
    Haha! We can never be happy, huh? Too much rain; too little. Too much heat; too little…..

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