last warm day

It was 38 degrees on my front porch this morning. Today might be our last “warm” day of the week. Maybe the summer. The highs on Friday are only supposed to be 56. And we are expecting RAIN! I can’t believe I’m so excited about rain! Especially after all my complaining (“rain-plaining”?) this past spring. After a wicked winter and really hot, dry summer, hopefully this winter will be mild. Whatever that means 🙂


The animals have been completely unconcerned with the smoke and the heat. At least that’s the impression I get from them. As long as they have food and water (and a couch)~ all is well.


This is the only patch of green on our property (except for the lawn). This is just above our drain field and it is a favorite grazing spot for the local deer.

DSC00351 (2)

Today I am hoping to plant out a few perennial bushes around the house~ white (Duchesse de Nemours) and coral peonies (Coral Charm) and sedum (Autumn Fire). Should be nice next spring.


The garden is definitely winding down. Even though we’ve had nice long-ish season (no frost!) into September; flowers, beans, squash and potatoes are beginning to wane. We don’t usually have a long enough growing season to plant succession crops. The veggies started in spring just have enough time to make fruit before the first frost.

DSC00391 (2)
I love the sweet little hairs around pig noses.

Pretty soon it will be time to plant the garlic and just like that, the season will be over.

Life in paradise…..


Today’s count: 25 eggs

What’s for supper: Marinated pork chops with rice pilaf and summer squash and onions  sauteed in butter with garlic

Weather: Patchy smoke. Sunny, with a high near 84. Calm wind becoming south southwest 5 to 8 mph in the afternoon. Tonight patchy smoke before midnight. Increasing clouds, with a low around 44. South southwest wind 5 to 8 mph becoming calm after midnight.

Books I’m reading: Men Explain Things to Me– Rebecca Solnit

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Flowers make people happy!

One thought on “last warm day

  1. Love the pics!!! Alittle chilly up there! It’s 60s in morning but we are in the 90s still in afternoon. Glad for your rain. We need it here too. Love you ! Hugs to boys. Interesting book.

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