the sun came out right now…..

I didn’t know whether to call this post “and then the sun came out” or “right now on the farm”~ the next segment in an ongoing theme. So I mashed the two together….

The farm was washed clean (well, sort of. We still have animals and they just aren’t ever really clean even after a nice rain). And then the sun came out just before it set for the evening. What a gift!DSC00538 (2)

I just can’t seem to get enough of the rain drops on things. Leaves and seed pods.


Garden ornaments.





And when I tippy- toed out to the garden I found~


Snapdragons! Still blooming!DSC00449

They shrugged off the 28 degrees like it was a holiday. AND they seem to be growing babies! We might have more blooms in our future? Amazing!


And sweet peas!DSC00456


And calendula! (I did cover the calendula. I covered the zinnias too but they didn’t make it. Zinnias are just too tender. Like green beans. And squash. ) DSC00455

And kale! Yum!DSC00458


The cows are happy. No more flies. Maisy is content to eat in the rain but both her big calf and little calf take to the shelter of the barn. The rain hasn’t been hard just chilly. DSC00533 (2).JPGDSC00535 (2)We have jumped right into fall with several more days of off and on rain forecasted. Chilly days and nights now. And that’s ok. I have lots to keep me occupied inside. But as soon as the weather clears a bit, we have to get the garden prepped for winter and next spring. I have a grand idea of how to get more prepared for the push of 2018’s growing season by long term bed prep this fall. It’ll be a lot of work right now but I think it will pay off next year.

Remember the farmer motto? “There’s always next year!”

Today’s count: 33 eggs

What’s for supper: Pepperoni pizza with salad

Weather: Rain, mainly after noon. High near 48. Southwest wind 5 to 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Tonight rain likely. Cloudy, with a low around 33. South wind 9 to 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%.

What I’m reading right now: Gloeckner’s seed catalog :]

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Flowers make people happy!

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