Working in the garden on a Sunday afternoon

We had a skiff of snow Wed and Thursday nights. And Friday night too, now that I think of it. Ohmygoodness.

We’ve had the weirdest weather this whole year. And, actually, snow in October is not unheard of. And it melted pretty quickly but it did make me feel the pinch of what’s to come. And with me on crutches! Ah!

So I enlisted some muscle help.

Luke and Daniel volunteered to help do some much needed “shut down” work in the garden yesterday. Saturday the boys were busy with their own jobs and personal (IE: girls, friends) lives. Monday starts the school week so Sunday afternoon was the best weather and time opportunity.


First we made a trip to the local dairy. The dairy offers low cost compost by the truck load. In previous years, they’ve offered bagged compost but were discontinuing the bagged this year and were giving away 10- 15 of the left over “gold”.


Most of the bags were water logged but still (wonderful) usable. Heavy, but (wonderful) usable.

15- ish bags~ into the truck.


Then back to the farm where they cut down stalks of used dill, sweet pea trellises, dead zinnias, piles of plant debris (“debris~ scattered pieces of waste or remains”~ isn’t that an interesting word? French in origin, I think.) were moved to the truck to take to the dump (I usually give all this extra to the cows but most of the debris is sweet pea vines and they are poisonous.) Some of the smaller leafed, non vining plants will be composted in the garden but over the years I have noticed that the heavier stalks like corn or sunflowers and the vines don’t break down before I’m out there tilling in the spring. So those have to be moved to the sides of the garden or taken out of the garden.





The sacks of compost were hand spread in a few trouble spots.


Another couple of freezes and all this will be dead.

But look at this~


Dusty Miller.

After multiple nights in the low 20’s, it persists. Amazing.

It only took a couple of hours and they were done. Then off to the house where pork stew was bubbling away on the stove for supper.

What great kids. I truly don’t know how I would manage without my family.



Today’s count: 12 eggs.

What’s for supper: IDK yet. Some sort of potato, sausage casserole with a heavy layer of cheese maybe?  Pork and veggie stew

Weather: Sunny, with a high near 59. South wind 5 to 11 mph. Tonight mostly clear, with a low around 35 (not sure that I believe this. 35 is pretty warm.) South southwest wind 6 to 8 mph.



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5 thoughts on “Working in the garden on a Sunday afternoon

  1. I am thrilled that you have such good help. Your garden is huge! And dinner looked great. I will put the pigs into my garden shortly and hope for the best – So sad you are on crutches again! poor you… it is my personal nightmare that I might fall – I have no children to call on in this country..

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