Digging out from a snowstorm is always a chore. DSC01360 (2)

Luckily we have a friend who has a snow plowing business and he comes out to clear out our driveway after big dumps like this one. But the snow around the house is usually shoveled out by hand. DSC01371 (2).JPGNot fun but necessary.

DSC01377 (2).JPG

Just like weeding the garden. Bleck.

DSC01378 (2).JPG

While the boys fed and watered the animals, Rachael tackled the front porch. Since she was at school the last big (weirdo October/ November) snowfall, I think she just figured it was her turn at the porch.

Bless her heart.

DSC01397 (2)

She shoveled with fervor. Fervor, I tell you!

She was shoveling and sweating and grunting and shoveling some more.

In 12 degree weather!

That girl is swolled!   (swolled: urban slang for “muscular”. My rural high school kids keep me up-to-date on all the most important urban slang :] )

A mere two hours later, she had moved a mountain, literally.


I couldn’t believe it!

This just took her two hours! That’s a lot of work!

But then of course, it started snowing.

And it’s still snowing kinda hard right now.

DSC01402 (2)
It’s hard to see but it’s snowing pretty hard.

It won’t be too long before porch will need to be shoveled again.

We are not amused. DSC01403 (2)

Paradise~ just north of nowhere.

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