Right now on the farm…..

….it’s 7 o’clock in the morning and still dark. It won’t be light for another hour or so. There’s a cup of coffee steaming on the desk next to me and a cat in my lap (achooo!). The house is still quiet and Christmas music is playing in the living room. We (translation: “I-make-the-kids”) listen to Christmas music for as long as it’s played on the radio. I guess with streaming we could hear any kind of music we want at any time on the computer. But I think listening to Christmas music in the summer is like eating tomatoes in the winter. It’s just not right! Plus tomatoes don’t taste as good from the store. And Christmas music doesn’t sound as good without snow on the ground and the smell of an evergreen in the living room and the family all together.

2017 has sped by. As usual. And, as usual, I move into the next year with weird regrets and excited ponderings. I’m thinking of all the times I dropped the ball, bit off more than I could chew then paid the price~ or worse, those I love paid the price (too many  animals carried through the winter only to break my ankle at the first of January and have my wonderful family pick up my slack while carrying their own). I didn’t set up irrigation in the spring garden soon enough and lost precious seedlings that had been nurtured all throughout the winter months in the basement garden; a waste of time and money. I didn’t spend one night away from the farm alone with my beloved. Not. One. Night. I didn’t make enough pans of brownies. I didn’t finish painting the downstairs bathroom. I didn’t tell enough people I love them. The list goes on, on, on.

We had great, wonderful, delightful, inspiring happenings too! Phil was born, our youngest graduated from high school, the same son did NOT have to have shoulder surgery (on his other shoulder) after a dislocation at home plate, a much loved visit from my mother and middle sister and sweet mother in law for graduation, a wonderful productive garden, several late fall drives with the family, unexpected income streams from the new flower business (more on that later :] ), a hard working, loving, (hot) husband.

I am so excited about 2018. Moving into the next year I am reflecting on the successful, the unsuccessful, letting impossible, unmet expectations go, and creating NEW impossible expectations!

But behind all the rhetoric~ I am thankful. I am grateful. These words are too small to hold the feelings I have when I think of my wonderful life.

Thank you, dear.

Welcome 2018! It’s going to be great!


What’s for supper: Black-eyed pea casserole (this sounds gross but it’s REALLY good. We love it!!!)

Weather: Patchy freezing fog before 11am. Sunny, with a high near 16. Wind chill values as low as -5. Light and variable wind. Tonight mostly cloudy, with a low around 4. Light northwest wind

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Flowers make people happy!

4 thoughts on “Right now on the farm…..

  1. unfortunately we all have some regrets but God is awesome and gives us a clean slate yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, moments… we as christians embrace them all. love you liz and happy 2018

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