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….so I trotted down to the basement garden this morning trying NOT to spill my coffee as I went (I really have to concentrate on navigating stairs since my last fall. My knee is pretty much healed. I just have such a propensity to stumble. I totter on flat ground with no obstacles.  So it’s a tiny bit dangerous to travel up and down the stairs with a cup of coffee because my focus is on spillage instead of “not tripping” like it should.)

Anywhoo~ look what I found in the basement garden! From the “experimental” group!DSC01638.JPG

A couple of blooms actually! So I quickly whipped out my tape measure which I had in my pocket, like any “good” geeky flower scientist. (Only after I carefully placed my cup of coffee to the side did I whip out my tape measure. Nothing is more important than that first cup. NOTHING!). Today marks 22 days since I planted the bulbs.

There are obvious differences in the two trays of plants even to the nekid eye (that’s “naked eye” to those non-Texan readers). DSC01630.JPG

But we need objective data. DSC01632Here’s a measurement from the taller group of tulips on the right. Most of the leaves are in the 10 inch range with one or so in the 11 inch range. This is the group that was planted, placed in the dark then brought into the light after bloom tips were noted.


DSC01635The next group is from the blooms that were placed directly under lights after being planted. They are in the 9.5 inch range.

They both have blooms starting to show. But take a closer look. The group on the right have 3-4 blooms showing where the group on the left have only 2 blooms. DSC01630The last most important characteristic of a good cut flower is how it performs in the vase. But I was hoping to allow these guys to mature juuuuust a little more before they are pulled for the vase.

Soooo~ more tomorrow!!!!

I’ll bet you are sitting on the edge of your seat and can’t WAIT for tomorrow’s reveal!

I know I can’t! 🙂


Paradise~ just north of nowhere……

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Flowers make people happy!

2 thoughts on “This just in

  1. I’m no flower scientist but it looks like your house is about to develop a tulip density problem? where tulip mass and density are exceeding the volume of your house?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! That would be the perfect dream! Actually the tulips are only in the basement garden area (and one window sill) but I’m pretty sure my family thinks they are completely taking up all of my mental real estate! Thanks for reading John


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