I have a standing “meeting” on Thursday mornings from 9-11 through the school year (IE: September- May). So this morning I thought I’d slip out to the garden early, before my meeting. It’s light really early~ 0602 (6:02 am for those not familiar with military time or who aren’t nurses or other medical type folks working in institutions) is official sunrise but first light has been around 0530- ish (5:30- ish am).

It’s supposed to rain the next several days but it wasn’t raining this morning and so I thought I’d get just a little time with the dirt. The light slowly increased and the air warmed up and I became absorbed in my work. But then the wind picked up and I had a weird, kind of ominous feeling. And this is what I saw when I turned toward the wind.


Hmmmm. Buckets and buckets and buckets of rain from the west…….

Gardening finished for the day!!!


Paradise~ just north of nowhere  🙂




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Flowers make people happy!

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