It’s amazing when just one day of posting is interrupted. So many happenings on the farm make it hard to catch up. Then, poof. It’s been 6 weeks since you blogged. A web friend calls it perfectly: “if I miss my writing window it is very hard to get back to in the course of a normal day” ().

Anywho~ The boys are gone to Miles City for a baseball tournament and Rachael and I are holding the fort down and attending our neighbor’s most wonderful daughter’s wedding this week end (we have LOTs of wonderful neighbors and their wonderful daughters πŸ™‚ ).


The flower business is flourishing (sorry for the pun) and the garden is pumping out bucket after bucket of fresh blooms.


And like most flower lovers, we are waiting patiently for the dahlias, which are taking their sweet time.

DSC02479 (2)Maisy has been moved to the front now so the hay man can do his work.

Of course the grass is always greener.

DSC02438 (2)

DSC02437 (2)

We also have two more new arrivals!

DSC02496 (2)

These little boys have no names yet and they are really skittish. But I’ll spend some time out there and sing to them and feed them good things and before you know it they will be sitting in my lap begging for treats!Β DSC02470

We still have hens sitting on eggs. The last clutch was not viable. After about 28 days, and no chicks, I disposed of the nest. But the girls are determined to raise a family. And so they sit on yet another collection of eggs. Hopefully this nest will be filled with chicks soon.

Lots more to tell……tomorrow…….Β  Β πŸ™‚

Paradise~ just north of nowhere


Today’s count: 13 eggs. All filthy. What do those girls do in their time off? Dancing? Mud running? I’ve asked but they are not telling.


What’s for supper: Steak! with mashed potatoes and salad…..all from the farm! Yay!

Weather: Areas of smoke. Sunny, with a high near 93. Light and variable wind becoming southwest 5 to 9 mph in the afternoon. Tonight areas of smoke before midnight. Mostly clear, with a low around 54. West southwest wind 5 to 9 mph becoming calm after midnight.

What I’m reading: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (Rachael recommended. So far kinda creepy and I love it)

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Flowers make people happy!

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