Goodbye summer (part 1)

The summer has blown by. It always does.

In June, summer is stretched out before you and feels long and luxurious~ full of anticipation. Then one August morning, Montana decides she is done with summer and catapults herself and all her citizens into fall.

But first~ the boys of summer.

This was our last year to play baseball. Peter, our oldest, started when he was 5. (He is now 23.) Luke played just behind Peter, and now Daniel, at nineteen, is finishing the tradition.

18 years of baseball.


18 years of elation over a great hit or frustration at a missed ball.

Games won. Games lost.


18 years of watching our sons learn lessons that team sports teach.

DSC02344 (2)

And just like that……


…..we are done.


Congratulations Glacier Twins~ American Legion Northwest champions!


Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye summer (part 1)

  1. Our summer will last through September and October, but the weather got noticeably cooler and foggier in the past few days. It happens like that sometimes, and certainly does not mean that summer is over; yet is was amusing while everyone is talking about the incoming autumn weather.

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