Just a short post today….more frost is in the future

It was very chilly on my front porch again this morning. 35 degrees, I think. And more cold weather is forecast tonight.

DSC03125The flowers that didn’t bite it after the first frost last week just shrugged off the temperatures.

It’s a good thing too because I need to fill more flower orders before weeks end.


This is a running time of year….

….running to harvest the veggies before frost….

….running to put up all that food and dry the blooms…..IMG_0375

….and get the animals ready for the cold weather…..IMG_0386

….you know. Stuff.


Gotta run now and mow the lawn!

I love mowing the lawn!!!!

No, really!  🙂


What’s for supper: Taco soup~ w/o the corn

Weather: Mostly sunny, with a high near 65. South southwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening. North wind 3 to 5 mph. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around 35.


Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

4 thoughts on “Just a short post today….more frost is in the future

  1. I would say that it is soooooo early to be concerned about frost, but just after saying so a few days ago, even we got a cool wind in the evenings! It is weird but nice. Rhody’s fuzzy fur supposedly predicts a cold but dry winter. It does not seem to be that fuzzy to me yet. Deer seem to have nice even fur, which I suppose means that it is fuzzier than it had been. I stay away from horses. I think that it is too early for such predictions anyway.

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    1. I KNOW! But, dang it, here we are! No more squash. No more green beans. No more cucs. No more zinnias. No more dahlias! 33 degrees this morning on my porch. I have an acquaintance who makes winter weather “predictions” based on beaver dam construction. It’s all in good fun but sometimes, the beavers have been completely correct~ sometimes not. I haven’t consulted with her yet this fall. I’ll ask her about the beaver opinion and get report it. Have a great day Tony! 🙂

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