31 on the porch this morning. Bleck.

I’m not sure how the sunflowers are surviving~ but they obviously are as evidenced by the header pic. I guess they are just all snuggled up together? And keep each other warm? (Do flowers keep each other warm?)

Maisey is starting to gain her winter colors. Her coat deepens to almost mahogany. In another several weeks I will try and move her further away from the woods into a new  paddock. Hunting season will be starting soon and I don’t want her big bulk to be mistaken as venison. IMG_0270

Joey just celebrated another birthday! With just a touch of gray at her muzzle, she doesn’t look a day over 8! Here she is showing off her tiara.


“Oooo~ it’s hard to keep these things on straight!”


She insisted on a profile shot too. Such a glory hound! 🙂

Well, I’m off to finish up a bit more in the garden. It’s a big job but not as overwhelming if I complete the clean up in pieces. Today I’m preparing next year’s potato patch~ this means tilling the soil, spreading manure and a long acting organic granular fertilizer then covering the soil with landscape fabric to protect it from erosion. It’s a big job now but will make the frantic-ness of spring so much more manageable.

Just a quick shot of last night’s supper~ grilled pepper and onion and cucumber sandwich. Yum!


Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

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