We had a skiff of snow on the ground this morning!

Here! On the valley floor!IMG_0488 (2) Of course I have no pictures of snow in the yard this morning because I am pretending I didn’t see snow in the yard this morning. And if I didn’t see snow, then it really didn’t snow. Right?


IMG_0459 (2)Meanwhile, the garden clean up is going slowly.

Mostly because I am playing a little with pumpkin flowers (flower pumpkins?)…..IMG_0706

…hollowing out the seeds and making a small nest for flowers to sit inside.

This one is going to a friend to remind her how much she is appreciated
This one is going to a local restaurant where I provide table flowers

And also I’ve been planting tulip bulbs. Lots and lots of tulips.IMG_0704

I must plant the bulbs in raised beds with hardware cloth under the bed because we have ground squirrels that would tunnel up and eat the bulbs through the winter if they were not protected. Planting these bulbs is easy but time consuming. Since I will harvest the whole tulip, bulb and all, in the spring, it’s not necessary to plant these guys as far apart as I might if they were living and growing in the landscape. So they go in like eggs in a carton~ all snuggled up against one another. They will bloom in a drift of color and will be easy to harvest.

I also have another area where I’m planting tulip bulbs in our small town. Since the temperatures in town are often warmer than out at our farm, the tulip blooms will hopefully be staggered and won’t overwhelm us with flowers all at once. IMG_0686 (2)

My helpers are accompanying me to the town gardens where, of course, they will steal bulbs from under my nose and pretend they don’t know what I’m talking about when I fuss at them.

“Bulb? What bulb, mom? I don’t see any tulip bulb!”

See. Here’s McKinley with her dirty face and her eyes closed pretending there is not a half chewed bulb laying at her feet.

Wonder where she learned that?


What’s for supper: Bacon with sauteed onions and sweet potatoes.

Weather:  Sunny, with a high near 47. East northeast wind around 7 mph. Tonight partly cloudy, with a low around 26. Calm wind.

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Flowers make people happy!

5 thoughts on “snow!

      1. Well, I would not know. It does not snow here. When it snowed half an inch in the Santa Clara Valley back in 1976, it was big news! We did not know what to make of it. When it snows on top of the Santa Cruz Mountains, it is quite minimal, although it can make a mess of the redwood trees!
        When I was in Oklahoma, I thought it would be fun to finally experience snow, and it was . . . for the first few days. After that, it was just a muddy mess that would not go away. I can see why people dislike it, especially if there is a lot of it. We got just a little bit.

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  1. It has been about 27 degrees in the a.m. Daytime sunny and almost 80 degrees. Here at the top of Northern CA we still have a touch of smoke. Not rain and badly needed. Our garden had frosted several weeks ago. Garden cleared and manured. Getting ready to till for it’s winter rest. Your pumpkin vase and flowers are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing pics of all your spring bulbs. Love McKinley’s “Who Me?” look.

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