This is a post about our cow.IMG_E0912

Maisey lived at a home dairy before she came to live with us. She was one of a small herd of about 7 cows, both mature, milking Jerseys and a few calves. She was sold only because the woman who originally owned her was about to have another baby (I think her 4th or 5th?) and she felt like 7 cows were just too much for her to handle. So Maisey came to live in our valley serving a large family of all girls.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

It wasn’t long before the “all girl” mother found that the cow’s 5-gallon-a-day production was~ well~ a lot of milk. I met Maisey about 6 years ago when answering an ad on Craigslist for a “partner milkmaid”.

DSC02013 (2)

So we milk- shared. I milked Maisey 3 days a week. Sandra milked her the other days. We both had lots of kids at home and it was the perfect solution.


When Sandra decided she was finished with being a milkmaid, she offered Maisey to me.

We had the pasture.

We had the need.

We could use a full- time milk cow. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe brought her home.

She was pretty easy going. Always “happy” to share her milk with us (as long as we had treats for her). 🙂

Over the years she raised several of her babies on our farm.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnd helped raise our babies.

20150912_184123And supplied extra milk for our “other” babies.


But the babies grew up, as babies are supposed to do.DSC02994

My big milk drinkers left our home for their own wonderful adventures. And our milk needs diminished to almost nothing.



Maisey is 10 years old. (Actually, her birthday is October 19th.)


And since she was loved and cared for most of her life (and not pushed into having calves every year, like many milk cows) she has the potential to be productive for many more years. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Maisey is a milk cow. A working girl. Not a pet. We are not a petting zoo.

And at 10, she still has the ability to serve another family.

She NEEDED to serve another family. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

So I searched everywhere and finally found a family who could use a wonderful, slightly (only slightly) older milk cow.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESA cow who is bomb- proof….


She went to serve her next family this weekend.

I am so thankful that Maisey was in our lives.

She will be missed. IMG_1162


Paradise~ just north of nowhere……


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