Being Thankful

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It’s still dark and will be for at least another hour or so.

The house is chilly and the “kids” (minus one) are still asleep. There’s apple crisp in the oven. The turkey will be next. There’s bacon in the cast iron skillet set on a low heat and I’m sipping coffee, reading the news at the computer.

The day will be packed with food and friends and chores.

There is snow in the forecast. But right now it’s quiet.

I have so much to be thankful for. My children are happy (and home!~ minus one) and busy building/ exploring their lives.

My husband is happy in his work. We are both healthy.

Our mothers are still with us and healthy as well. So are our many brothers and sisters (and their spouses and children).

We have so much: Good food. Safe water. Great friends and neighbors.

Our country is at peace. (This is especially important for the safety of my son and other mothers’ sons and daughters serving in the military.)

I am thankful.

We are thankful.

Wishing all of you many thankful days.


Published by Elizabeth

Flowers make people happy!

9 thoughts on “Being Thankful

  1. Amen Liz! Well said!!! hugs to all my babies up there- they are always going to be my babies!! Even when they all look DOWN on me 🙂
    My men left this morning to go hunting!!

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  2. Thanksgiving is still the most awesome of Holidays! I know that Christmas and Easter and such are more important, but they have been so trashed by commercialism that there is not much left to celebrate.

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