Well that was a nice little break…..

Montana has been so black and white (read: boring) for the last weeks…..months really… that I’m resurrecting all the pictures of flowers that I have lying around…… and just staring at them. The colors……   Ohhhhhh the colors…… ….. and the green…… And the sunsets….. Summer!    Ok! Enough eye candy! Let’s get to work!Continue reading “Well that was a nice little break…..”

cold, frosty mornings….

….morphing into lovely fall days. The temps have been swinging from the low 20’s (17 one night last week!) into the 60’s during the day. The garden clean up iiiiissssss. Sssssooooo. Ssssssllllloooooowwww. But I am on both feet solidly instead of 4 wobbly feet (crutches) like this time last year. And I am thankful. Most ofContinue reading “cold, frosty mornings….”

31 on the porch this morning. Bleck. I’m not sure how the sunflowers are surviving~ but they obviously are as evidenced by the header pic. I guess they are just all snuggled up together? And keep each other warm? (Do flowers keep each other warm?) Maisey is starting to gain her winter colors. Her coatContinue reading

Just a short post today….more frost is in the future

It was very chilly on my front porch again this morning. 35 degrees, I think. And more cold weather is forecast tonight. The flowers that didn’t bite it after the first frost last week just shrugged off the temperatures. It’s a good thing too because I need to fill more flower orders before weeks end.Continue reading “Just a short post today….more frost is in the future”