Goodbye Summer (part 2)

…..then one August morning, Montana decides she is done with summer and catapults herself and all her citizens into fall. And here we are. The last few days of August. We are still a bit smokey from the nearby Glacier National Park fires. We had a little rain yesterday which should clear us out for theContinue reading “Goodbye Summer (part 2)”

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. SOMEBODY in the family decided to cultivate an infected uterus. And had to have surgery. Unexpectedly. The vet said intact, female dogs over 5 sometimes have issues with infected uterus (uterus’? uterus’s? uteri?). It’s considered an emergency and they have to be removed before they rupture. (the uterus~Continue reading

Busy, busy….

…busy. I think I’ll rename spring “busy- ness without end, amen”. Nice ring, huh? We have been ramping up the outside work with the warm weather. Two of the kids I have home right now have been trying to fit in yard/ farm work in between baseball practice and college finals.  I have been spendingContinue reading “Busy, busy….”

Right now on the farm…..

We had been experiencing a nice warm-ish trend~ highs in the mid 30’s (I KNOW! MID 30’S IN JANUARY!). Lows in the upper 20’s and not much new snow. We all were lulled into thinking we might have an early spring. Shoulda known better.  The wind is howling out of the north east and thereContinue reading “Right now on the farm…..”