Summer begins

The celebration is over. And the most wonderful family has returned back to their lives in Texas. It’s time to strip the beds, wash the dishes (again) and set things to order. Summer has begun. The piglets are watching for me instead of running from me. I’m sure it’s the creamy Maisy milk that hasContinue reading “Summer begins”

High wind today

The wind is just screaming out of the west. Yesterday the temperatures were way up into the 80’s~ quite unusual for this time of year. And today the temperatures are expected to only reach the high 60’s. I guess that’s why the wind is so high. The animals are completely unconcerned. Pigs are still sleeping. CowsContinue reading “High wind today”

Not spring yet

We are definitely back in the eggs business. The hens have been performing marvelously. I have contacted a handful of families to give them the good news. Everyone is happy. Fresh eggs are a spring tonic. Even if the weather hasn’t decided it’s really spring. Willow loves eggs and she is due with her bigContinue reading “Not spring yet”

just another dreary day

With the weather turning cold and blustery, I am turning inward~ toward my home. Home is always food. And loving people. Or I should say: people I am loving.   I’m also starting my garden in the basement. It’s early but I don’t care. Of course in a couple of months I’ll be frustrated tryingContinue reading “just another dreary day”