cold, frosty mornings….

….morphing into lovely fall days. The temps have been swinging from the low 20’s (17 one night last week!) into the 60’s during the day. The garden clean up iiiiissssss. Sssssooooo. Ssssssllllloooooowwww. But I am on both feet solidly instead of 4 wobbly feet (crutches) like this time last year. And I am thankful. Most ofContinue reading “cold, frosty mornings….”

Just a short post today….more frost is in the future

It was very chilly on my front porch again this morning. 35 degrees, I think. And more cold weather is forecast tonight. The flowers that didn’t bite it after the first frost last week just shrugged off the temperatures. It’s a good thing too because I need to fill more flower orders before weeks end.Continue reading “Just a short post today….more frost is in the future”

Working in the garden on a Sunday afternoon

We had a skiff of snow Wed and Thursday nights. And Friday night too, now that I think of it. Ohmygoodness. We’ve had the weirdest weather this whole year. And, actually, snow in October is not unheard of. And it melted pretty quickly but it did make me feel the pinch of what’s to come.Continue reading “Working in the garden on a Sunday afternoon”

last warm day

It was 38 degrees on my front porch this morning. Today might be our last “warm” day of the week. Maybe the summer. The highs on Friday are only supposed to be 56. And we are expecting RAIN! I can’t believe I’m so excited about rain! Especially after all my complaining (“rain-plaining”?) this past spring.Continue reading “last warm day”

Barely missed the bullet

It was 34 degrees on my front porch this morning! 34! That’s only 2 degrees from freezing! Ohmygoodness!!!! I have hundreds of veggies and flower starts in the garden. And I have many, many starts on the porch waiting to be planted. If it had gotten any colder, I would have lost it all. Again.Continue reading “Barely missed the bullet”

Bits and pieces

Just a few odds and ends today. The weather has been really nice~ cold at night but mild and sunny during the day. We’ve also had a bit of freezing fog which makes for interesting diamond deposits on fencing and trees and cow whiskers. Rachael and I took Rhett to the Flathead Spay and NeuterContinue reading “Bits and pieces”