Rain makes us slow down

It’s raining. Thank goodness….. The yard, the pastures, the garden always seem to explode after a nice soaking rain. But I didn’t have everything planted in the garden yet. We knew it was coming so the morning was a blur of activity. Phil was a perfect gentleman, waiting his turn to momma. 2 gallons laterContinue reading “Rain makes us slow down”

Windy but cooler today

Windy today but the temperatures are much cooler. I had to wear a sweatshirt to milk this morning. The cooler temps are welcome. It was kind of hot for the end of May/ beginning of June at almost 90. The flies are discouraged by the cooler weather and the breeze. No flies and lush grass,Continue reading “Windy but cooler today”

Summer begins

The celebration is over. And the most wonderful family has returned back to their lives in Texas. It’s time to strip the beds, wash the dishes (again) and set things to order. Summer has begun. The piglets are watching for me instead of running from me. I’m sure it’s the creamy Maisy milk that hasContinue reading “Summer begins”

Long wonderful days

It’s 10:22 pm right now and I just came in from the garden. There’s still a bit of light left in the night sky but the mosquitoes ran me out. I was planting green beans. “Provider’ to be exact. Living on the 48th latitude has it’s perks this time of year. One being that itContinue reading “Long wonderful days”