Goodbye Summer (part 2)

…..then one August morning, Montana decides she is done with summer and catapults herself and all her citizens into fall. And here we are. The last few days of August. We are still a bit smokey from the nearby Glacier National Park fires. We had a little rain yesterday which should clear us out for theContinue reading “Goodbye Summer (part 2)”

last warm day

It was 38 degrees on my front porch this morning. Today might be our last “warm” day of the week. Maybe the summer. The highs on Friday are only supposed to be 56. And we are expecting RAIN! I can’t believe I’m so excited about rain! Especially after all my complaining (“rain-plaining”?) this past spring.Continue reading “last warm day”

Just another summer day…..

Tim scooped up all the kids and the dogs and went fishing. Therefore, I have the whole house to myself for just a couple of hours. Being an extrovert, I’m usually happiest with lots of noise and commotion and business in the house. But this unexpected quiet is nice. A quick trip to the gardenContinue reading “Just another summer day…..”

home again

My beloved comes home today! He’s had a long trip away from us because of work. He is gone for work often but this trip was extra long. So his homecoming will be extra sweet! The farm continues to move at breakneck speed into fall. Summer always seems too short. I remember when we livedContinue reading “home again”