A little cheese with that whine?

Ok so I KNOW it’s February. And I KNOW it’s still winter. And I KNOW this won’t last forever. But oh, my aching heart. I. Am. Sick. Of. White. It’s foggy so even the air is white. I am suffering from monochromaticitis*. And I’ve got it bad. We are experiencing some melt as evidenced byContinue reading “A little cheese with that whine?”

The storm came

The morning found us completely trapped~ snowed in. Starving children. Thirsty animals. No way out……. Just kidding. The wind blew all night. I could hear it whistling around the house until the early morning. Then, just like that, it quit. And it quit snowing. And the sun came out. And there were diamonds floating inContinue reading “The storm came”

It’s the big one

This is the weather forecast for the next several days~ Extreme Snow Across Northwest Montana Through Monday~ The next round of significant, heavy snow will occur through Monday, as extremely moist air interacts with a slow moving modified arctic boundary. This will create an ideal zone for heavy snow across northwest Montana. The image aboveContinue reading “It’s the big one”

Just another glorious day in Montana

We DID have glorious sun yesterday. All day the sun shone and vitamin D was splashing about in the form of sun rays. Our animals rushed into the light and sprawled out. The sun didn’t possess much heat. But nobody seemed to mind. The boys forgot to take the camera with them today. So I tookContinue reading “Just another glorious day in Montana”