Mother’s Day, part deux

Mother’s Day Two was chilly and overcast, just perfect weather for the few “things”  I needed to have accomplished in the garden before this next bout of rain started. Rachael and Luke were my “personal mother’s day slaves”. Daniel was at school and then had baseball practice. He will get to be my slave atContinue reading “Mother’s Day, part deux”

Happy Mother’s Day :]

When the kids asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I jumped at the chance to have a couple of jobs done in the garden. While I could take care of the chores myself, the work would go really fast if the kids help. So we raced home after church. But before we could changeContinue reading “Happy Mother’s Day :]”

Today in two parts….

This morning started off chilly and overcast. So I planned an office day: filing, writing reports, filling out applications for farming grants. You know. Office stuff. And, if I got all that done, I was going to trip down the stairs (well, not really trip down the stairs. That’s just a figure of speech. RememberContinue reading “Today in two parts….”

The new piglets

Last Friday, Daniel and I loaded up the blue farm truck and made the treck to a neighboring town to pick out some precious fatties. Last year Willow blessed us with lots of little fatties but this year we had a piglet tragedy ( And so we needed to pick out a few piglets fromContinue reading “The new piglets”

Return to business at last

And so we return from an unexpected internet interruption~ a 5 day interruption. But that’s what we love about living on the bald naked prairie, out in the middle of nowhere, out where the prairies meet the mountains, where the wind swept pastures blow sweetly~ spotty internet service. No matter. The only action we’ve had latelyContinue reading “Return to business at last”