Just another summer day…..

Tim scooped up all the kids and the dogs and went fishing. Therefore, I have the whole house to myself for just a couple of hours. Being an extrovert, I’m usually happiest with lots of noise and commotion and business in the house. But this unexpected quiet is nice. A quick trip to the gardenContinue reading “Just another summer day…..”

home again

My beloved comes home today! He’s had a long trip away from us because of work. He is gone for work often but this trip was extra long. So his homecoming will be extra sweet! The farm continues to move at breakneck speed into fall. Summer always seems too short. I remember when we livedContinue reading “home again”

This is the weirdest place I have ever lived…..

….weather wise, that is. As you know (because I have been whining about it non- stop) the weather has been unusually warm. We haven’t had any rain since the middle of June. It seems all of eastern Montana is on fire. But out of the blue~ we get a little cool front. This is the forecastContinue reading “This is the weirdest place I have ever lived…..”

Haying the pastures

It’s mid- July. It’s hot with no rain in sight. It’s time for hay! Our wonderful neighbors to the south have lots of tall, stout, mountain horses that are used to hunt in the backcountry during the fall. So they have big winter hay needs. And they have haying equipment. We just have one fatContinue reading “Haying the pastures”

All is well on the northwestern front

It’s been a fairly coolish summer so far, much to my pleasure. But we are expecting a heat wave starting Wednesday with highs in the 90’s. Though I’m from Texas, I’m a big baby in the heat anymore. It IS a dry heat. But 95 is still 95.  We try and start our day’s choresContinue reading “All is well on the northwestern front”

Oops~ forgot the title before publishing

We had several days of cool rain and very moderate temperatures. Perfect for the growing garden. And growing piglets. The barn was sparkling in this morning’s early light. Maisy was sparkling too. The grass looks almost lime green.  Well, lemon green. I STILL haven’t finished planting all our vegetables. I guess this is going toContinue reading “Oops~ forgot the title before publishing”

Windy but cooler today

Windy today but the temperatures are much cooler. I had to wear a sweatshirt to milk this morning. The cooler temps are welcome. It was kind of hot for the end of May/ beginning of June at almost 90. The flies are discouraged by the cooler weather and the breeze. No flies and lush grass,Continue reading “Windy but cooler today”