Busy, busy….

…busy. I think I’ll rename spring “busy- ness without end, amen”. Nice ring, huh? We have been ramping up the outside work with the warm weather. Two of the kids I have home right now have been trying to fit in yard/ farm work in between baseball practice and college finals.  I have been spendingContinue reading “Busy, busy….”

what a difference a couple of weeks make

Just a few weeks ago the landscape looked like this~ snow covered, cold wind ruled the land.  We actually had experienced a fairly wicked spring snow.  But then the warm winds came and turned the weather about-face.  And now look! Spring is here! And I was out in the garden and though the temps atContinue reading “what a difference a couple of weeks make”

Rustic Mushroom Bread Pudding

This dish has all of my favorite foods; butter, bread, cream, cheese, wine…. heaven. So without further ado~ Rustic Mushroom Bread Pudding! (It’s a good thing I’m not a food blogger. I got into the groove of making this great dish and forgot to photo almost the entire process!) AAAAND I copied the whole recipeContinue reading “Rustic Mushroom Bread Pudding”