Right now on the farm…..

We had been experiencing a nice warm-ish trend~ highs in the mid 30’s (I KNOW! MID 30’S IN JANUARY!). Lows in the upper 20’s and not much new snow. We all were lulled into thinking we might have an early spring. Shoulda known better.  The wind is howling out of the north east and thereContinue reading “Right now on the farm…..”

the sun came out right now…..

I didn’t know whether to call this post “and then the sun came out” or “right now on the farm”~ the next segment in an ongoing theme. So I mashed the two together…. The farm was washed clean (well, sort of. We still have animals and they just aren’t ever really clean even after aContinue reading “the sun came out right now…..”

last warm day

It was 38 degrees on my front porch this morning. Today might be our last “warm” day of the week. Maybe the summer. The highs on Friday are only supposed to be 56. And we are expecting RAIN! I can’t believe I’m so excited about rain! Especially after all my complaining (“rain-plaining”?) this past spring.Continue reading “last warm day”

Just another summer day…..

Tim scooped up all the kids and the dogs and went fishing. Therefore, I have the whole house to myself for just a couple of hours. Being an extrovert, I’m usually happiest with lots of noise and commotion and business in the house. But this unexpected quiet is nice. A quick trip to the gardenContinue reading “Just another summer day…..”