goodbye winter, almost

Winter has lost her grip. Though the temperatures drop below freezing almost every night, the days are warm-ish and (kinda) balmy. At least for northwest Montana. Of course when the snow melts fast, it leaves a lot of water behind. Plus, we had extremely cold temperatures in December before the snow fell. So I’m sureContinue reading “goodbye winter, almost”

Not spring yet

We are definitely back in the eggs business. The hens have been performing marvelously. I have contacted a handful of families to give them the good news. Everyone is happy. Fresh eggs are a spring tonic. Even if the weather hasn’t decided it’s really spring. Willow loves eggs and she is due with her bigContinue reading “Not spring yet”

A little cheese with that whine?

Ok so I KNOW it’s February. And I KNOW it’s still winter. And I KNOW this won’t last forever. But oh, my aching heart. I. Am. Sick. Of. White. It’s foggy so even the air is white. I am suffering from monochromaticitis*. And I’ve got it bad. We are experiencing some melt as evidenced byContinue reading “A little cheese with that whine?”

Bits and pieces

Just a few odds and ends today. The weather has been really nice~ cold at night but mild and sunny during the day. We’ve also had a bit of freezing fog which makes for interesting diamond deposits on fencing and trees and cow whiskers. Rachael and I took Rhett to the Flathead Spay and NeuterContinue reading “Bits and pieces”